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Go to Zuiderzee museum Enkhuizen

Zuiderzee museum Enkhuizen

In 1932 the IJsselmeerdam closed the Zuiderzee and the inland lake was given the name of IJsselmeer. Henceforward the part situated outside the dike would belong to the Waddenzee. The Zuiderzeemuseum focuses on history, topicality and future of this area. Subjects as water, craft and communities are central. In the outdoormuseum with its historic buildings and the indoormuseum with thematic exhibitions, this story has been visualized.

Go to Radboud castle in Medemblik

Radboud castle in Medemblik

Radboud Castle is on the eastside of the port in Medemblik. The castle has dated to 1288. Radboud Castle is one of many castles in the province of Noord-Holland which were built by Floris the 5th. He would not only cast up a dam against the multiple infiltrations by the Frisians but also would have fortifications by which he was able to control the recently subjected West-Frisians.

Go to West-fries museum in Hoorn

West-fries museum in Hoorn

The building in which the museum has been located, had been Estates College – the meeting-room of the Committed Counsels of West-Friesland and the Noorderkwartier – at first being part of the Estates of Holland and West-Friesland. The building was built in 1632 and has a façade in Dutch renaissance style. During the French period the building became a court of justice in 1795. On the 10th of January 1880 the museum was established at the back of the building.



Between the historic Zuiderzeetowns Hoorn and Medemblik vice-versa steam-trains ride from village to village across the country-side. From Enkhuizen to Medemblik vice-versa the museumship “Friesland”sails across the IJsselmeer. Embark for the most exciting time-travel across the historic triangle. The museumsteam-train tells about steam-train history in the Netherlands.

Go to Rijks museum Amsterdam

Rijks museum Amsterdam

The Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, usually mentioned Rijksmuseum, is the biggest and most important National Gallery in the Netherlands. Situated between Stadhouderskade and Museumplein, it offers a survey of Dutch art and history in more than 200 halls. Its collection consists of paintings of 17th century Dutch Masters such as Rembrandt, Vermeer and Frans Hals. The Rijksmuseum is owned by the State and is being administered by the National Public Building Association.

Go to Alkmaar Cheesemarket

Alkmaar Cheesemarket

Thousands of visitors from all over the World especially come to Alkmaar for its cheesemarket. It is a special event with a square full of cheese and dragging cheese-carriers. In 1365 Alkmaar obtained weighing-right and had one pair of scales but in 1612 it already had 4 of them. It has been a mystery when the first cheesemarket took place. Old documents were found that reveal with certainty there was a cheesemarket in 1622 but there is evidence of the foundation of the cheese-carrier craft in 1593. From this we may conclude that there must have been a cheesemarket in those days.

Go to Volendam


The Volendam dike with its many small shops, restaurants and terraces, where hundreds of tourists enjoy the authentic atmosphere and view of the port and the water every day. The labyrinth of small streets where you imagine life in the 19th century and small boats sailing to Marken to and fro. Volendam… it was not for nothing that the village had been visited and painted by famous painters. Not for nothing many songs were dedicated to the village as pearl of the Zuiderzee. It is still true that the name of the village will be remembered by millions of its tourists.

Go to The Keukenhof in Lisse

The Keukenhof in Lisse

The Keukenhof is an outdoor flowerpark and bulb-exhibition north-west of Lisse in Zuid-Holland. It annually attracts about one million visitors from all over the world. On the 32 hectare-sized park, bulbs cultivated by companies from the area, will be exhibited in spring ( from the end of March till the end of May ) every year. The Keukenhof is situated in part of the National Heretage Keukenhof Castle. National Heretage Keukenhof Castle originated in 1642 when the angular farmhouse Keukenhof was built in the dunes of Teylingen Castle. The kichendunes obtained their name from the produce such as game, cattle and all kinds of herbs and berries that were meant for the Household or kitchen of Teylingen.


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